Paolo Ventura

1. The Automaton III

2. 11:55pm

3. Before the Rain

4. The Funeral of the Anarchist


Short trip to Normandy and Bretagne.


Illustrations by elfandiary behance l tumblr

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Earth From Orbit - Happy Earth Day

Thank you NASA. I’m glad you’re up there looking out for all of us, whether its Cassini gazing back from Saturn at our pale blue dot, or the fleet of Earth-observing satellites that help us learn more about our one and only home.


British photographer Robbie Shone is a master of capturing the places no one else dares to explore. 

For his series of cave photos, Robbie spent up to 4 straight days beneath the ground in total darkness. See the rest below!

Prepare Yourself For These Incredible Cave Photos

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darkness and silence
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Jeremy Rifkin on the Fall of Capitalism and the Internet of Things (by Big Think)


photos from eyes over africa by michael poliza (previously featured) taken above botswana’s okavango delta and namibia’s damaraland and soussusvlei.

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how to play harmonica (the blues) (by Beck Wenger)

Opaque  by  andbamnan