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Kal’s cartoon: this week, Israel and Palestine
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Kids Need A Flashlight To Read This Adorable Pop-up Book

Motion Silhouette tells a story through its shadows.

Reading by flashlight when you’re supposed to be asleep is practically a rite of passage for kids. An adorable new children’s book celebrates that tradition.

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It’s difficult to imagine New York City without the massive throngs of people, but that’s exactly what you’ll find in the work of photographer Duane Michals

Starting in the 1960s, Duane would roam the streets of New York City in the early hours of the morning when the bustling city was remarkably quiet. 

Photos Show a NYC Devoid of People

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As if we needed another reason to appreciate how amazing bees are: Artist and beekeeper Ren Ri makes breathtaking sculptures using plastic, salvaged wood, and a swarm of bees.

Well, to be fair, the bees did half the work :)


Reflection of an Eurasian Bullfinch by tomkruissink
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This is me, free diving in Kas, Turkey.
Photo by Burak Karacik.
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Opaque  by  andbamnan